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A wedding at The Broadmoor is steeped in the venue’s history and culture, which spans nearly a century. The Broadmoor is known the world over for its five-star accommodations and tantalizing culinary sensations. Additionally, The Broadmoor also offers a number of diverse locations on its grounds, for couples who wish to plan a wedding in Colorado Springs. Romantic wedding ceremonies take place on the Broadmoor’s grounds with idyllic mountain views in the backdrop. While flawless top-notch service provides you and your guests with the experience of a lifetime.

The entrance to The Broadmoor lies at the gateway of the Rocky Mountains. Creating an instant feeling of magnificence upon arrival, for couples and guests alike. While the resort attracts the adventurer at heart, a wedding at The Broadmoor is for the dreamy romantics. Those who wish to envelop themselves in a timeless backdrop of streams and canyons, as they are joined in marriage.

Emily and Gabriel’s sophisticated wedding day took place at The Broadmoor in a chic black tie affair. The couple, having met during their university days settled on starting their life together in Colorado Springs. Now, Emily and Gabriel’s life is filled with the breathtaking mountains and sweeping vistas that the city is known for. In a city that provides access to Pikes Peak, it should come as no surprise that the couple selected The Broadmoor as their wedding venue.

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Emily and Gabriel’s wedding day at The Broadmoor began with uncorked champagne and the fastening of cufflinks. As a matter of fact, if you look closely, you’ll note that Gabriel’s cufflinks were personally inscribed. The engraved cufflinks read “Emily, it was always you”. Emily tied the delicate ribbons of her bridal shoes, meanwhile, Gabriel straightened his bow tie as they prepared to meet at the altar. An outdoor ceremony space was accented with wildly organic, but beautifully placed wildflowers. The groomsmen were outfitted in classic black tuxedos and the bride’s wedding party wore a blend of attire in a tranquil shade of watercolor blue.

The ceremony was filled with solemn moments of joy. But ended with an eruption of celebration when Emily and Gabriel were pronounced as married. The newlyweds embarked on an enchanting walk on the ground of The Broamdoor to capture their first moments together as a married couple. Afterward, it was time to join their guests for an al fresco dinner reception where loose stems of wildflowers lined the long rows of guests seating and dimly lit candles created an inviting atmosphere. To see more details of this chic and sophisticated wedding at The Broadmoor, scroll through the photos below.

Captured while second shooting for John Moler Photography.

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