Mount Falcon Park Engagement Photos

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Mount Falcon Park in Colorado is an amazing outdoor location to capture engagement photos for local couples. With its vast landscape of open trails and sprawling scenery, the backdrop is unforgettable

Like so many other couples, Caleb and Andrew met during the pandemic. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t get to physically be in one another’s presence for over a year. However, during that time they maintained a long-distance relationship. One where they remained committed to each other, using their time apart to deepen their bond through modern communication. Now, they are both happily in each other’s presence, doing life side by side in Colorado. 

In fact, Caleb and Andrew are very much looking forward to their upcoming wedding day. But not before they took a minute to savor the next step in their relationship, an engagement. For many, an engagement is often seen as a bridge between a relationship and a marriage. However, it’s a moment to be relished and celebrated, after having found the person you wish to spend the rest of your life with.

Wanting to honor their engagement, Caleb and Andrew reached out to me to capture the moment. I suggested we meet at Mount Falcon Park for their engagement photos. I am personally an avid fan of the ridgeline views at Mount Falcon Park. It instantly sprang to mind as an impeccable location where I could work with Caleb and Andrew on their engagement photos. A sprawling area without the heavy foot traffic of meeting in the city. Furthermore, the greenery was lush and the blooms were on display. It was that time of the year when nature was full of splendor.

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The bride wanted to honor her Chinese heritage and already had an outfit in mind for her engagement photos. She arrived at Mount Falcon Park in her grandmother’s dress. A beautifully structured red dress, known as a Cheongsam. In Chinese culture, the color red symbolizes happiness, fortune, and success, and is often worn by brides. A beautifully symbolic way to celebrate her engagement and upcoming marriage. 

Knowing the terrain at Mount Falcon Park, I also recommended the couple arrive for their engagement photos with a change of attire. From formal outfits, to laid-back but chic, this allowed me to work with them on a collection of photos with a variety of poses and scenery. It’s amazing how much our demeanor can shift with just the change of an outfit. You’ll get to see how at ease Caleb and Andrew were in each other’s arms in the photos below!

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