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A surprise proposal in Breckenridge at Sapphire Point Overlook.

Alex and Payton are engaged! The couple, who currently reside in St. Louis Missouri, planned a fun and adventurous trip to Breckenridge. The idea was to enjoy a mountain getaway while taking in the breathtaking views that the area is known for. However, Alex had a plan up his sleeve so to speak. He wanted to add an unforgettable element to their couple’s trip by planning a surprise proposal.

Like so many couples, Alex and Payton met through a dating app. They connected during the pandemic, and it wasn’t long before they knew what they had found in each other. They made it official and the loving couple began to experience every facet of life, in each other’s company.

There are so many stunning locations in Colorado to plan a surprise proposal or to use as a backdrop for your engagement photos. With Alex’s surprise proposal in mind, we settled on meeting at Sapphire Point Overlook. Sapphire Point Overlook, part of the White River National Forest, resides between Keystone and Breckenridge. The view you’ll find there is that of Dillon Reservoir by the Gore and Tenmile Mountain Ranges. It provides a positively stunning perspective on the beauty of Breckenridge, making it an ideal location for a proposal.

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When I met Alex and Payton, it was a sunny, but slightly chilly afternoon. The crisp sky hung above us and the mountains in the backdrop provided a sense of tranquility with their serene view. I tucked myself away, just enough to keep Payton unaware of what was about to happen. With Payton’s back to him, Alex bent down on one knee before tapping her on the shoulder. When she turned around, Payton was stunned to see that Alex was proposing. She was immediately filled with joy, excitement, and a dash of disbelief at the carefully orchestrated proposal. She, of course, happily accepted Alex’s proposal. 

I continued to hang back for another minute or two while Alex placed the ring on Payton’s finger. I wanted to allow them a moment to embrace. But also a moment to be fully present in the memory that had just been created. With a stunning engagement ring placed on Payton’s finger, it was time to capture a few more images to cement this milestone for the adoring couple. To see more details of this surprise proposal in Breckenridge at Sapphire Point Overlook, scroll through the photos below.

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